Adult Acne: Understanding and Coping with It

Most people have experienced an acne filled face during their puberty years. Looking at the mirror is dreadful, so is washing your face because it would mean touching those sensitive and inflamed parts. Luckily, after a few years, acne goes away by themselves and gives you your confidence back.

However, for some, their adulthood is not as clear as others. A good number of people experience acne breakouts in their adulthood. This affects not just their appearance but also their self-confidence. Going to a dermatologist in Utah can help manage the condition.

But it is also important to understand what the condition is to be able to cope with it better.

What is adult acne?

Adult acne is a kind of acne that happens after your teenage years. A lot of people look forward to having clearer skin when they hit their 20’s, but some do not really experience it fully.

Adult acne is also possible for people who have had clear skin ever since. Having acne pop out here and there in your 40’s even though you did not have it during your younger years is more common than you think.

What causes it?

One of the main causes of adult acne is hormones. Women who are a pregnant experience having acne breakouts because of hormonal fluctuation. Those who are nearing menopause or is going through it, are also prone to such kinds of acne.

Because adult acne is hormone driven, women are more prone to such breakouts than men. Pollution is another factor. Going to the office and walking around here and there to do your errands are triggering acne growth. Using the wrong product can also cause such breakouts.

Different skin types have different needs and sometimes, what works for others won’t work for you. Thus, it is important to consult with a dermatologist before using any kind of products in your face. Also, remember to treat your skin gently.

Do not over wash and wash it properly to avoid making it sensitive and more prone to such breakouts. You should also watch what you eat. Again, this is something relative that varies from one person to another.

Some get acne breakouts after eating peanuts; others have chocolate as their triggers. Too much meat and protein can also cause acne to come out for some. Knowing what food to eat and avoid would be helpful.

How can it be treated?

Woman washing her face
A lot of different products can be used to treat adult acne, and they are easily available in the market. The question now is which is the right one for you? There is no better way to know that than through consulting a dermatologist.

A series of tests and analysis about your health and history will be done to properly determine the source of your breakouts. Once the source is determined, the right course of treatment can be done.

Stop suffering in silence. Adult acne can strip away one’s self-confidence but, luckily, there are ways to change it. All you need is a good dermatologist and a lot of patience, and you would be on your way to a clear skin you can enjoy.

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