Careers to Pursue If You Like Taking Care of People


Does caring for other people come as second nature to you? If so, it makes perfect sense to pursue a career that values this trait. According to the data we gathered, most of the jobs below come with decent pay, which is a pretty convincing reason to take the plunge. Plus, you know what they say: If you love what you are doing, you will never have to work a day in your life.

Physician or Doctor

According to Corvus Health’s CEO, Dr. Kate Tulenko, being a doctor is one of the most challenging and intellectually satisfying jobs. Although you will have to put in so many years to get a degree and thousands of hours in studying, all of these sacrifices will be worth it when you start to feel that what you do daily positively impacts the lives of other people. Plus, you will also get to enjoy job security and a high salary.

Registered Nurse

Pursuing a career as a physician might come with immensely satisfying benefits, but it is not ideal for the less financially able. If you are not up for incurring a substantial amount of medical school debt and spending a decade to become a licensed doctor, pick a nursing path instead.

This way, you will still have as much personal contact with people (maybe more), but you’ll be able to earn your own money sooner. As a registered nurse, you will also have plenty of job opportunities to choose from (a quick consultation at any healthcare-staffing agency will confirm this), enjoy job security as much as any physician, and have the freedom to select an area of specialization, among other benefits.


If you are the kind of person whom your friends and relatives turn to for life and relationship advice, a career in psychology might be right for you. Even if all you do is lend an ear and empathize with their situations, you’ll still be a professional who helps individuals, couples, and families get to the root of their problems and provide long-term solutions.


teacher with students

Teaching is a profession that’s not for everyone. Especially if you can’t stand being with naughty children, you’ll never last a day at a preschool without being summoned in the principal’s office. But being a teacher certainly comes with plenty of perks.

Apart from sharing your passion and knowledge with the little ones, you can also change a child’s life for the better and inspire the next generation of professionals. Additionally, you have the opportunity to impact the future of education by inspiring not only your students but your colleagues as well.

Social Worker

Many deem social work as the “helping profession.” And it’s not hard to see why. Primarily, social workers exist to enhance the lives of people by helping them meet their basic and complex needs. Most of the time, their clients are the oppressed, the vulnerable, and the poor. These are also often the people behind non-profit organizations, community outreach programs, and homeless shelters. They provide affordable, if not completely free, counseling, and rehabilitative services.

Being a people person, having the urge to help those in need, and being able to empathize with others are extraordinary human gifts that must not be put to waste. Use your gifts wisely by pursuing any of the careers above.

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