Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

man getting a root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is increasingly becoming a common procedure. Studies indicate that millions of people treat their teeth using this simple and straightforward treatment annually. Besides revealing pain, root canal treatment restores the health and strength of the teeth. You can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, continue eating your favorite meals, and avoid several dental visits to treat dental concerns.

However, the idea of root canals can be devastating and scary for patients who are not familiar with the procedure. Most people avoid visiting an endodontist in Lone Tree because they fear root canals.  Most patients dread the moment when the endodontist tells them that they need a root canal because of the misconceptions surrounding it. Dismissing these myths will ease the anxiety for most patients who seek root canal treatment.

It causes illnesses

Most people fear root canals because they are afraid of getting sick. You might have heard from a friend or read on the Internet or elsewhere that root canals lead to several illnesses such as a heart attack. In reality, root canals prevent oral diseases from spreading in the mouth and tooth loss. No scientific evidence relates to the development of illnesses to root canal treatment.

It causes pain

One of the most common root canal myths is that the procedure is excruciating. The truth is that root canal therapy is not painful. Besides, the endodontist will numb the area before starting the treatment to reduce the discomfort. The damaged part of your teeth will be gone after the procedure, and you will not experience tooth sensitivity.

You don’t need a root canal if you are not in pain

Most patients who seek root canal therapy experience severe headaches. However, pain is not always the only sign that you need root canal therapy. Sometimes, nerves die, so you don’t feel discomfort or pain. Still, you need this endodontic treatment. While pain is usually a sign of teeth that need a root canal, it is not the only indicator. You need to visit your dentist often for checkups and look out for other signs of the need for a root canal, besides pain.

Tooth extraction is a better option

It is best to save your teeth instead of extracting it. As such, root canal treatment is better than tooth extraction. You require a bridge or dental implant after tooth extraction, which doesn’t function as well as natural teeth.

Most root canals fail

man having a root canal treatment

Root canals might not have been very successful several years ago. However, that is not the case these days. Root canal treatment has gone through several advancements to make it better than before and increase its success rates. The good news is that root canal treatment is successful; thus, you don’t have to worry about its success rate.

Knowledge is power when it comes to endodontic treatment. Now that you have debunked these myths about root canal treatment, you can confidently visit an endodontist for the procedure. Besides, teeth that have gone through proper root canal treatment usually last a lifetime.

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