Glow on the Go: Skincare Tips for Every Jet Setter

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The glorious spring weather is here and summer isn’t far behind. These two seasons are a popular time for travel across the country and the world. Of course, when traveling, it is a must to take beautiful photos – of the surroundings and of yourself.

However, with so many things on your agenda and itinerary, it’s easy to neglect your beauty routine. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. So, before you fly (or drive) off to your next destination, make sure to pack some skincare essentials to maintain your beauty on the go.

The Basics

There are some skincare essentials you must never forget to bring with you, no matter where you’re going and for how long.

Your skin’s health is already “at risk,” so to speak, when you travel, what with different foods, levels of pollution, and humidity you’ll be exposed to. Dirt, grime, and dead skin cells pile up, leaving you with bad skin and the possibility of a breakout. Of course, if these persist even when you’re back home in Sandy, you must go to your trusted dermatologist. For now, prevent these things from happening by packing these must-have items in your skincare bag.

  • Moisturizer – It doesn’t matter if you’re going somewhere humid and sunny, your skin needs to be moisturized. First off, if you’re flying, the air inside the plane cabin is extremely dry – it absorbs moisture from almost anywhere. That includes your skin. Having your favorite moisturizer handy helps you instantly hydrate your skin.
  • Cleanser – As previously mentioned, dirt will likely accumulate on your skin and may clog your pores. Prevent the resulting bad skin by cleansing your face not once, but twice, a day.
  • Sunscreen – Wherever you’re going, you will be exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which are harmful to your skin. By bringing sunscreen with the right SPF or skin protection factor, you safeguard your skin against the damaging effects of UV rays.
  • Water – Consuming adequate amounts of water is your best bet at staying hydrated when traveling. If your body has enough water for hydration, it remains functional, minimizing the possible adverse effects of dehydration on your skin.

Pack Skincare that’s Appropriate for the Weather

summer essentials

There are two types of summer vacationers: those who go somewhere colder and those who want to enjoy the heat in a tropical place. Your skin needs different things to keep healthy in these different climates. So, it’s only smart to pack skincare products based on the weather at your destination.

  • For hot and humid weather – If you’re going somewhere tropical, chances are your skin will oil up. Make sure to pack a bottle of toner, which helps correct your skin’s pH balance and control oil production. Translucent powder is also your best friend, as it helps with oil control.
  • For wintry weather – If you’re going somewhere dry and cold, your skin will need all the moisture it can get. Bring undereye cream with you to avoid drying out the fine skin in this area, which can lead to the formation of wrinkles. Of course, your lips will need moisturizing as well, so a tube of lip balm is a must.

Before jet setting around the country or the globe this vacation season, make sure you have all the skincare essentials you need. You’ll thank yourself later when you see yourself glowing and beautiful in your Instagram-worthy travel pictures.

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