Missing Teeth Cause More Than Gaps

man with a missing tooth

While gaps or spaces between teeth are mostly an aesthetic problem, they have far-reaching consequences. Apart from making you feel uncomfortable when talking, smiling, or laughing, they can also negatively affect your confidence or even make you want to avoid social gatherings. They can also compromise your diet and nutrition, as well as your overall health.

As missing teeth and gaps are rarely considered attractive, they can make you feel inhibited when out in public or with other people. When left untreated for a long time, missing teeth can also cause your jawbone to shrink, which can change the shape and look of your face. Dental implant dentists in South Jordan note that this can then result in premature aging and make you older than you really are.

Say no to stress and lower quality of life

Whether you have lost your teeth due to cavities, trauma, or gum disease, it is only important to address or replace them as soon as possible. This is to avoid any negative effect on your daily life and overall quality of life. This is because according to research, missing teeth can raise your risk of having mild forms of stress than those without the said problem.

Missing teeth and tainted impressions

The way your teeth look can also affect others’ first impression or overall perception of you. This is because people are often judged by appearance and smile can be an identifier of a person’s status, health, and success. In fact, studies suggest that those with healthy and straight teeth are more likely to get the job than those with crooked or missing teeth.

Here is why your smile or teeth affect first impressions:

  • Smile is the first part of the face that people notice (and remember after meeting someone).
  • A good smile can make you seem trustworthy.
  • A nice smile (straight teeth) is associated with a good personality.
  • Straight teeth or healthy smiles make you look more attractive.

The common replacement option

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with missing teeth or unsightly tooth gaps. You can choose from a variety of options that can restore the look and feel of your smile. Conventional dentures are one of the most common and affordable options. They are removable and can be easily adjusted or altered if necessary. The sad part is they only solve the cosmetic issue and do nothing about bone loss.

The best choice for replacing missing teeth

dentist holding a model gum and teeth for demo

One better option is dental implants. They are considered the best choice for replacing missing teeth, as they look, feel, and function like the real thing. They have an artificial tooth root that eventually fuses with the jawbone to preserve the bone and prevent bone loss. This also means that you won’t have to worry about your teeth clicking, slipping, or falling out, which is common in dentures.

While implants may cost more upfront than conventional dentures, they are most cost-effective in the future. This because they are built and designed to last and will unlikely require replacements with proper care. Dental implants, furthermore, cannot get cavities, but you still have to visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

Don’t let missing teeth lower your quality of life. Contact an implant dentist or center today and find out how dental implants can restore your smile and health.


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