Taking Up Sports: Some Basic Stuff You’ll Need

So you’ve finally decided to do something to get in shape. You’re very lucky as there are many ways to do this. You can go to the gym to run on the treadmill and lift weights. You can go for a run or bike ride around your neighborhood. You can also attend yoga or dance classes. Of course, you can play sports.

If you’re leaning toward getting into sports, go for it. Playing sports can be a fun and engaging way to stay fit and active. But aside from the intangibles—your determination, discipline, and skills—do you know what else you need to play and eventually be good at sports?

Tools and supplies

Be it ball, combat, race, individual, or team sports, each sport requires certain tools and supplies in order to be played. Thus, make sure to know what you’ll need for your choice of sporting activity. If you’re planning on trying baseball, for example, you should at least get yourself a bat, ball, and glove. When playing tennis, you’ll need your racket and a good supply of balls. For combat and contact sports, protective gear, such as body armor and a groin guard for taekwondo or a helmet and mouthguard for football, is your must-have. For good measure, stock up as well on supplies of sports tape, wraps, plasters, and bandages, which you might need when engaging in sports.

Footwear and apparel

footwear and apparel

While many sports clothes and shoes can be used for different sporting activities, it will still be better if you get footwear and apparel specifically designed for your sport. This is because the right sportswear will not only facilitate your movements, but it will also protect you while you’re engaging in the activity. In rock climbing, for instance, the shoes typically have sticky rubber soles for good traction on the rocks and fit snugly—with very little padding—so that they will stay on your feet. For swimming, you wouldn’t wear a tracksuit in the water, would you? You’ll probably get yourself in some lightweight swimwear.

Equipment and facility

Finally, many sports require some big equipment and a vast facility for both training and playing. Good for you if your sport of choice is something that can just be played outside your house. You can, for instance, just put up a basketball hoop in your backyard for some half-court shooting and dribbling drills. However, this is not the case for many sports. Take for example ice hockey. You’ll have to go to an ice rink to be able to properly train for and play the sport. The same goes for gymnastics, for which you’ll need equipment like a vault, balance beam, and uneven bars.

When deciding to take up a sport to keep yourself fit and active, remember that it takes more than your determination, discipline, and skills—the intangibles—to be able to engage in the activity. Playing any type of sport will also require the pretty obvious stuff such as tools and supplies, footwear and apparel, and equipment and facility.

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