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A dentist in Stevenage does more than just make sure teeth are clean. Professionals are equipped with knowledge, tools and techniques to ensure that their patient’s smiles are not only healthy, but feel and look their best as well.

So with a range of treatments available, in the fields of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, oral health care professionals first consult with their patients to determine what their smile goals truly are before creating a bespoke treatment plan that fits in with their lifestyle, their budget and their plans for the future.

Financing plans are available to allow individuals to achieve their goals without breaking the bank. It is in the best interests of both patients and the dental practice involved to ensure that healthy and happy smiles are achieved, so by working with one another, the best outcome can be reached for health and future.

What is the difference between the fields of dentistry?

Oral health concept

Promoting oral health is one of the key aspects of preventive dentistry and targets both children and adults to ensure that a lifelong commitment is upheld for the sake of one’s oral and general wellbeing. A good oral hygiene routine is critical in making sure that between visitations to a dental practice, teeth are kept clean and free from damage-causing plaque and tartar.

Other forms of preventive care can be performed in the practice, such as the application of fluoride directly onto teeth, protecting vulnerable teeth with a fissure sealant and visiting a hygienist who can perform a scale and polish to remove excess bacteria, debris and cavity-causing plaque and tartar.

When it comes to restorative care, this is performed by an oral health care professional when significant damage has occurred to a tooth or several teeth and in order for pain to recede or the integrity of the tooth to remain intact, action needs to be taken.

General examples of a restorative treatment include a filling, a crown, a root canal, or an implant. Professionals will take every measure they can to ensure that a tooth is kept as this is generally the best practice. However, if a tooth is too far gone or damaged, then it may be more appropriate to remove the tooth and offer a replacement option.

Finally, cosmetic dentistry encompasses a vast range of different treatments, which also can be deemed as a preventive or a restorative measure as well. However, these procedures focus more on the appearance of an individual’s smile, whilst ensuring that the functionality is there as well.

Some classic examples of cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, white fillings or teeth straightening. It isn’t difficult to see that some of these procedures are also beneficial to one’s oral health as well, but simply with extra measures in place or an additional focus on the overall appearance of the smile for the end result as well.

Every individual benefits from a mixture of all three of these fields of dentistry and a compassionate and experienced dental practice will be able to easily offer these treatments at an affordable price.

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