Basic Healthcare Despite COVID 19: Revisiting the New Normal

The New Normal has been spewed around for weeks by media outlets nationwide. The so-called New Normal is the era post-pandemic. It is the period of adjustment before we achieve the old normal in totality. While this is something to look forward to, there is still a shade of uncertainty behind this new era. All the walls, barriers, and restrictions we have to put up following this New Normal only remind us of the horrible plight we had to go through during the pandemic. Nevertheless, we still have to go through it to help us go to the promised land of how it was before the pandemic.

There is a wide array of things you have to be reminded of in the world of the New Normal. Even if you are already inoculated, you still have a high chance of transmitting the virus to your loved ones who are not yet vaccinated. The fact is, there are millions of people who are still hesitant to undergo vaccination despite what we have experienced as an international community together. Having outbreaks is still a possible scenario in the New Normal. Until we contain the virus, we still have to put our guards up.

Accessing healthcare might be the most difficult activity to maneuver during the New Normal. Healthcare is very precarious to access because of the many vulnerabilities of the system. You can easily get infected in a minute’s visit to the doctor. You are also laid bare during visits to different healthcare points. Masks might be down; you wouldn’t have any personal protective equipment at your disposal during your visits. Non-COVID care is stuck in a perilous time when almost all of the cases past few months are all COVID-related.

What are the important things you must remember when trying to access basic healthcare during the New Normal and despite the prevalence of COVID 19 still?

Getting Vaccinated

You don’t have a choice. Getting vaccinated is the only way you can safely access the basic services of healthcare. Going outside still poses a lot of risks. There are still thousands of people getting the illness despite the vaccination efforts. Around the world, outbreaks are still happening. Someone from another country is bound to come to the country, totally oblivious that he is sick and asymptomatic, and infect someone. It is better to be safe than sorry. Thinking ahead and getting yourself vaccinated are the best ways to keep your mind at ease.

Personal Protective Equipment

Always have your personal protective equipment ready, especially in the New Normal. Personal protective equipment reduces your chance of getting infected with COVID or any type of preventable disease and illnesses. Masks and gloves are basic equipment that you should bring anywhere. There is a high chance of getting sick whenever you are going to any healthcare facility.

You can only do so much when you go to the hospital for an executive checkup or a dental clinic for dental implants. Some of the procedures you will do to you will require you to remove your mask, gloves, and clothes. Wearing personal protective equipment every second can reduce your chances of spending too much on something that could have been easily preventable. Personal protective equipment should be normalized.

Personal Hygiene

sanitizing hands

Personal hygiene is important especially during the New Normal. Taking a bath every single day should be normalized. Terrible hygiene is the hypothesized cause of the outbreak of COVID 19. You wouldn’t want to bring any kind of virus into your dwelling with you. The New Normal is the time when you are only starting to go back outside and meet people.

While it is horrible to assume the worst out of people, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. Having outstanding personal hygiene will also enable you to avoid taking more trips to any kind of healthcare facility. By keeping yourself clean and healthy, you are taking fewer risks of getting sick or infected.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Lastly, you should always keep yourself healthy in the age of the New Normal. Being healthy and without any type of illness will reduce your chances of going to a healthcare facility and getting checked. While self-maintenance might be costly and difficult, you will save yourself from expensive trips to the doctor, dentist, and other healthcare professionals. Besides, it might only be time to invest in yourself.

The new normal is the perfect time to revisit your personal health and make an effort to improve its current state. The best defense against the effects of COVID and other diseases is a healthy body.

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