Giving someone back their teeth with dental implants Richmond

tooth being implanted on carbon model of a mouth

Living with missing teeth is something that none of us wishes to have to do, as having teeth missing from the mouth can pose challenges that impact various aspects of our daily lives and cause discomfort in different forms. Also, the loss of a tooth or teeth is a painful experience for anyone to go through, and that will mean that something about the mouth has irreversibly changed, or that is often the common way of thinking by those who have experienced tooth loss.

Many who lose a tooth or teeth start to look for simple ways to try and replace the teeth they have lost; this search may quickly lead them to consider the use of an oral device as a temporary way to regain the lost teeth. Bridges and dentures are popular stop-gap solutions that many choose to utilise, but these devices can pose their own challenges and do not represent a permanent or fixed-in-place solution to replacing lost teeth.

Dental implants Richmond can give those longing to have a full set of teeth the permanent solution they have been looking for, and this solution can feel just like natural teeth.

Just like stepping back in time

Using these dental implants represents a realistic chance for any patient receiving them to get their teeth back to the way they were before any loss, giving them an option to step back to a time before the loss. This will allow the patient to begin using their teeth and mouth in a way that may feel more normal to them; many of these people may have adjusted some of the ways they use their mouth after the loss, and after the replacement teeth are in place, they will be able to revert to the usage they are more in tune with.

One common change that those who have lost teeth may make is to alter their eating habits, as they may decide to avoid tougher foods such as steak. For those using oral devices, fine foods such as rice can also pose an issue, as fine foods can become stuck in between the gum and the device, creating a point of discomfort or pain within the patient’s mouth.

Those who have lost teeth at the front of their mouths may decide to avoid smiling as they may not want to expose the fact they have lost teeth to others, especially strangers. This may lead to them appearing stern or stubborn to others when they may be completely the opposite in their natural personality. Replacing the teeth may give someone back their natural smile and allow them to portray the person they really are.

Represent a lasting solution to tooth loss
A model of an enlarged tooth being implanted on a cavity

The use of dental implants may represent a great solution to tooth loss that many people have been searching for as they are a fixed-in-place solution that has some permanence. Dental implants are so hard-wearing that they will cope with the daily rigours that teeth have to go through and can last any patient a lifetime when cared for correctly.

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