7 Workout Essentials That You Need In Your Gym Bag

gym bag

Having a gym bag with all the essentials is a must if you’re planning to work out. Not having everything you need can be annoying, especially when your muscles are screaming for help and there’s nothing that can ease the pain.

Yes — having a good playlist that will motivate you, getting there early, so you have enough time to set up, bringing water, or anything else that motivates you won’t hurt, but without these seven essentials in your gym bag, it just doesn’t feel like doing real exercise.

Here are the ten workout essentials that every active person should aim for:

1. A Fitness Watch or Pedometer

Having some form of tracking device is important even if it’s not optimized for fitness activities. It shows how much effort you’re putting in and is a great motivator when you see how much more effort you need to have to reach your goals.

You don’t need anything fancy, but try to find something with an accurate pulse tracker if possible so you can calculate the number of calories burned during your workout session.

2. Good Quality Clothing for Your Workout Session

This is obvious — when working out, there’s no place for something that doesn’t fit and isn’t comfortable enough to move around in.

It wouldn’t be very difficult to pick up a brand-new set-up since most companies offer good quality clothes at affordable prices, especially when they go on sale. As long as it feels comfortable and looks nice, gets yourself two or three new outfits for your next workout session.

It would be best if you also had elbow and knee wear in your gym bag. They protect you from injuries and discomfort when lifting weights or performing other activities that may scrape the skin.

3. Water Bottle

Yes, it’s that important — when sweating profusely, you need to replenish all lost liquids by drinking the right amount of water to keep your muscles hydrated enough, so they can work at their optimum level during your workout session.

It’s not only great to have a big bottle with an easy-access straw but also consider getting a water belt if you’re planning on having longer sessions or just want to have one less thing to carry around. If you don’t have room for this in your gym bag, try getting a small bottle that will fit just fine even when space is scarce.

4. Towel and Shower Slippers

gym towel

You might not think this is an essential piece in your workout essentials collection, but you’ll be surprised at how useful this can be. Your towel will help you clean up all sweaty areas, so you don’t slip on anything and break something precious to you plus, the shower slippers will keep your feet free of bacteria or other possible infections.

A small rug can serve as a substitute for the shower slippers when space is scarce; it’s cheaper too! Don’t risk getting sick because of skipping out on one of these two things — ever wondered why people wear those funny clothes when they work out? Now you know why.

5. A Small First Aid Kit

You never know when something can go wrong, so it’s best to be prepared with a small first aid kit filled with anything you might need when something bad happens.

Band-aids are the basics and include antiseptic wipes if you have a cut or some other open wound that needs tending to, Q-tips for easier application of creams and ointments, plus alcohol pads in case your skin starts to itch.

6. A Good Quality Deodorant & Perfume

You don’t want all your hard work to go down the drain because of smelling like an old gym sock, right? Make sure you get yourself a good deodorant with pleasant smells because who would want their partner (or potential partner) to avoid them like the plague?

Pick up your favorite perfume, too — it’s always safe to keep it nearby just in case you need an extra boost during your workout session.

7. Good Quality Water Resistant Headphones

This is obvious to some — if you’re working out, you should have music nearby to keep yourself pumped up and motivated throughout the exercise period.

Even without knowing anything about the science behind it, having music nearby has been proven repeatedly as one of the best ways to stay on course with your goals, so pick up a good pair of water-resistant headphones for this purpose.

The seven workout essentials that you need in your gym bag are great to have on hand when it comes to preparing for a good workout session. By having suitable clothing, water bottle, towel, headphones, and more handy items nearby at all times during these sessions, you’ll be ready for anything!

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