Modern Procedures to Battle Hair Loss Effectively

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Are you worried about hair loss, or are you unhappy with the state of your eyebrows (or lack of)? A permanent cosmetic tattoo should solve your problem. Even with current removal methods, it is not possible to remove the scar or colouring completely. The method offers irreversible results because of the depth of penetration.

Do you want a more permanent result?

The appearance of natural hair on the skin depends on the pigments used and the depth of penetration into the dermis. The modern technique used offers lasting results —a much better outcome than a permanent tattoo. Natural tattoos are limited in that they do not mimic the results of natural hair.

Microblading: for your consideration

Microblading utilizes a hand-held tool. Usually, the tool is a bladed pen. Some facilities utilize an electric machine. The other names for the procedure are feather touch, micro-stroking, and eyebrow embroidery.

The procedure was first applied for eyebrows for ladies who were keen on semi-permanent results. Instead of dots, the microblade produces tiny strokes on the skin surface. The procedure does not necessarily produce an effect that looks like natural hair strokes. If additional shading effect is desired, micropigmentation will provide the natural appearance that the client wants.

Better outcomes for the scalp

In micropigmentation, the density of the dots determines the appearance of hair as in microblading. Micropigmentation is a more effective method for keeping a buzz cut than microblading. If your concern is hair loss on the scalp, then you must consider this option.

After the initial treatment a touch-up will have to be scheduled every six months to sustain the desired effects. Experts who have received scalp micropigmentation training in Las Vegas can help you achieve cosmetic goals.

Risk of an allergic reaction

When your skin receives permanent ink—microblading or micropigmentation—you may suffer from an allergic reaction. Some facilities may use low-quality ink that contains heavy metals, which your body might respond to as well. Be aware of the possibility of an allergic reaction, and take the necessary precautions and preparations. Usually, the person who will administer the procedure tests the ink to be used on a small area of skin. Aborting the procedure is called for when a positive skin reaction to the substance is present.

Needle safety

Hair transplant

Modern cosmetic techniques using pigments give hope for people experiencing hair loss. They will match the color of your natural hair with the pigment that they will use. The outcome is going to be superb, and you will be happy that you have taken the risk. Still, you must be careful and always prioritize your health and safety.

To ensure safety, consider the precautions taken by the facility where you plan to have the procedure. Aside from effective staff training, the staff should prepare and sanitize the needle properly. Cosmetic goals are important, but they are only secondary to your health and safety.

If you are concerned about thinning hair, then you can start looking into the procedures available to you now. Aside from a permanent tattoo, consider microblading and micropigmentation. They might hold the answer you are looking for and offer a reliable solution to hair loss.

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