How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

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If you’re pregnant, you most likely know the primary ways to take care of yourself and your baby. People will tell you not to smoke, drink alcohol, and stay up late. But ensuring that you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy is more than that. Here are some tips for healthy prenatal development.

Prenatal Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is safe even though you’re only trying to conceive. The first few months of your baby are crucial. It’s when their brain and spinal cord develop, so you must have the essential nutrients. Your doctor will advise you to take calcium, folic acid, and iron supplements.

Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter in your local drugstores. Follow your doctor’s advice on when to take them. But if you feel a little dizzy after taking vitamins, try to take them at night instead before you sleep.


Many people think that a pregnant woman should not be active. But that’s not entirely true. It will be best if you exercise to keep your body healthy. Exercising is also a good way to reduce stress, which is pretty common in pregnant women.

You can take an exercise class for pregnant women or walk for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. Doing so will help you sleep better, improve your blood circulation, and boost your mood. Some exercises safe for pregnant women include yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, low-impact aerobics, and stationary bike workouts.


Pregnancy should not stop you from taking care of your overall wellness. You can still go to your favorite spa for an hour of massage therapy. Just don’t forget to inform your therapist that you’re pregnant so that they can make adjustments.

You might also want to visit a pregnancy chiropractor. They can help relieve pain such as back pain, hip pain, and joint pain. They have extra training to take care of pregnant women and reduce their discomfort safely.

Educate Yourself

Attending a childbirth class is very helpful, especially for first-time pregnant moms. The course will help you and your spouse to prepare for the upcoming delivery. Aside from teaching you how to prepare for delivery and child care, they will also let you ask questions.

pregnant women doing exercise

Kegel Exercise

As your due date approaches, it’s becoming more crucial for you to prepare your body. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which provide support to your bladder, uterus, and bowels. If you perform them correctly, your delivery will be a lot easier and smoother than what you’re expecting.

What’s great about the kegel exercise is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, and no one will even notice. You can do it while driving, sitting, or lying in your bed. How do you do it? Squeeze your muscles as if you’re trying to stop urine flow. Hold it in for three seconds and repeat ten times.

House Chores Safety

During pregnancy, your number one priority must always be you and your baby’s safety. So avoid doing household chores like bathroom scrubbing or floor mopping. Heavy lifting and exposure to chemicals also put you and your baby at risk, so as much as possible, ask someone to help you in cleaning the house. Moreover, you should avoid climbing ladders, cleaning pet dirt, and standing for an extended period.

Keep Track of Your Weight

It’s normal to gain a few extra pounds during pregnancy, but there will always be a limit. Gaining too much might make it hard for you to deliver your baby normally. Additionally, losing the extra pounds after delivery isn’t easy.

On the contrary, not gaining weight may also harm and put the baby at risk of low-weight birth. Low-weight birth often causes developmental problems later on. To avoid these things, ask your doctor about proper diet and balance your meals.

Stay Hydrated

While you’re pregnant, your blood will supply oxygen and essential nutrients to your baby. This process increases your blood volume by 50%, which means that you will need to drink more water frequently. Water also helps prevent headaches, fatigue, constipation, and swelling, keeping you as comfortable as possible.

Eat Fruits

There’s a lot of food and beverages to avoid during pregnancy, but fruits aren’t one of them. The natural sugar in fruits keeps you recharged and energized. You can eat apples and bananas as much as you like because they can lift your energy levels in the most natural way.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and unforgettable moment for all mothers. Although it comes with a roller coaster ride of emotions, cravings, and restrictions, it’s a process that strengthens a mother’s bond with her child. So it’s important to take safety precautions to ensure that both you and your baby are safe until delivery.

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