Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Setbacks In A Fitness Journey


Fitness can be tricky, and no matter how much effort and time you clock in day after day, nobody’s exempt from going through struggles and episodes of feeling down because that’s just part of the entire process for health and wellness. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that you’ll find no one in this entire world who hasn’t gone through their fair share of ups and downs because perfection is quite literally impossible, even for the top athletes.

So, you shouldn’t be spending your free time wondering what you could’ve done better or overthinking about the things you weren’t able to do because dwelling on those facts is just wrong and outright unproductive. And if you really want to go above and beyond these challenges staring right back at you, remember that the only way to move forward is by standing back up and taking a swing at things with all your might once again.

Your Progress Doesn’t Just Disappear.

Evidently, the most important thing to note is that all the progress you’ve made since you started until now doesn’t just disappear the very second you suffer from any setback. You see, all that power and mind-muscle connection you’ve worked so hard for is still there, meaning that you have all the time and freedom in the world to work through your areas of improvement. But, before you jump back into the same routine, we recommend going over the social, spiritual, and emotional dimensions associated with your well-being first.

  • Remember What Got You Started In The First Place: One of the worst feelings that come with setbacks is doubting every step you’ve made to reach this point and questioning if you still have what it takes to push through. However, an excellent way of counteracting this negativity from swelling over your thought process is remembering the reasons why you started in the first place. And once you’ve grasped that idea, don’t be afraid to open up and talk things through with a friend.
  • Rediscover The Love And Excitement Of Workouts: Apart from ridding doubt through reconnecting with your commitment to fitness, another way of psyching yourself up and getting back into the right mindset is rediscovering your passion for exercise. Sometimes, we become so engrossed with the process and journey itself that we tend to forget the happiness and love that goes with every ounce of effort we put into working out. So, it’s time you take a breather and sit down to ignite your passion once more.
  • Look Toward Your Fitness Role Models For Motivation: In addition to passion and reason, an accessible way of getting in touch with your motivation for working out is looking toward your fitness role models. And whether that’s a TikTok influencer you’ve been following for quite some time now or your favorite Mr. Olympia candidate, you’re free to take inspiration from anyone. In fact, even the kindest of gestures like the sportsmanship in the NYC marathon can motivate you back into the game.

Maybe Your Fitness Schedule Needs A Few Changes

Now that we’ve got the different dimensions of your well-being out of the way, your next priority is revisiting the areas in your fitness journey that might not be working well with your current lifestyle and responsibilities. It’s no secret that life changes and every new chapter takes on a different theme, but that doesn’t mean you should give up the lessons learned from previous pages.

  • Experiment With Different Plans And Routines: Firstly, one of the most obvious reasons that could be holding you back is that your time management doesn’t jive with the workout plans and routines you’ve set out to do. So, to help alleviate the stress on a time crunch, you should definitely experiment and try different ways to incorporate exercise back into your life. Plus, you could also opt for dependable home care and other services to help around the house too.
  • Get A Friend To Become Your Workout Partner: Besides fixing up your time management schedules, another great way of getting back into the groove is getting a friend to become your workout partner. You see, there’s only so much we can do by ourselves until either burnout or loneliness kicks in to shackle us from pushing forward. So, it might not be a bad idea to have someone by your side who will enjoy the best moments and also hold you accountable during the bad times.

Like Any Other Journey, Even Fitness Goes Through A Few Stumbles

curl ups

Overall, we want to remind everyone that your fitness journey works the same way as any other adventure in life, meaning that setbacks and stumbles will happen along the way. But, what matters most is that you pick yourself up, dust off the debris, and give it your all because that’s what real winners do.

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