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Relight your smile

With dental practices up and down the country re-opening their doors to patients in the wake of the Covid:19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to see what a dentist in Stevenage can do to improve your oral wellbeing.

Many people who live each day with treatable dental problems – such as crooked teeth, chips or gaps – refrain from seeking out help from a reputable dentist as they are unaware of the number of options available to them.

Cosmetic dentistry, as a practice, has excelled massively over the last few decades and continues to do so as technology advances. Modern dental practices can do things that would never have been possible just years prior, so anyone with any dental worries should take action and reach out to a local, trusted dental provider.

What can a dentist do for my smile?

Being concerned with the way your teeth look is not something that is by any means uncommon, as most people will at times be concerned with how one or more aspects of their smile looks. What is decisively less common however is actually doing something about it by contacting a local cosmetic dentist.

The sheer scope of what a skilled dentist can now do covers every possible dental problem you may have – with experts in each particular field of study from cosmetic orthodontics to teeth whitening or porcelain veneers.

Because so many different varieties of treatment fall into the bracket of ‘cosmetic dentistry’ the best way to get the treatment you need is to arrange for an initial consultation. These give the dentist a chance to properly assess your oral health and advise you on what approach is best to meet your oral needs.

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What is cosmetic orthodontics?

Having crooked or misshapen teeth is one of the most common problems that dentists are approached with on a regular basis.

Historically, anyone who wanted to realign the shape of their smile would typically have to wear a fixed metal brace for a considerable amount of time – usually around 12 months or so.

Today however there are several forms of ‘cosmetic orthodontics’ available as an alternative to traditional braces. These are designed so that patients can undertake oral alignment in a way that does not impact their appearance during treatment.

These sorts of treatments have become massively popular over recent years, particularly amongst younger adults and teenagers – as they let them achieve a straighter looking smile without impeding their appearance.

What is Six Month Smiles?

One such form of cosmetic orthodontics which has become widely popular is the Six Month Smiles system. Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, the Six Month Smile system can realign a persons smile in just six months (as the name suggests) and does so through a far more discrete and subdued approach than metallic wires and brackets.

Although the Six Month Smiles braces achieve dental realignment through a similar method as traditional braces, the brackets and wires used are tooth coloured and therefore are far less obvious when fixed within a patient’s mouth.

If you are interested in discovering whether or not this treatment method could help realign your dental future, then contact a trusted local provider today and book a consultation.

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