Top 5 Celebrity Diets to Try in 2021

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The holidays are fast approaching and soon feasts with family and friends will be leading almost everyone down the path of excess weight. If public gatherings are allowed and there is no more lockdown in your area, prepare to enjoy all the sumptuous food that will be served this December. Are you ready for that extra-large turkey, eggnogs, pasta, cheese, and wine?

Well, after months of being at home in self-quarantine and not being able to socialize, give yourself a break, and meet up with those close to your heart during the “happiest time of the year”. Of course, enjoying does not mean overdoing it or eating in unhealthy excess. By all means, enjoy the festivities and the food but always in moderation. So, to welcome the new year right, why not read and consider these celebrity diets for a healthier you this coming 2021:

1. Keto Diet

The King himself, Lebron James credits following the keto diet which enabled him to lose excess weight and become more athletic, healthy, and happy in and out of the court. The 6-foot and nine-inch athlete says that his ketogenic diet products and supplements have allowed him to perform better on the court and enjoy more of life since he now feels lighter, stronger, and more relaxed.

He began the diet in 2014 after deciding to take better care of his health and performance as a Lakers star player. He now stays away from dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates. Lebron eats mostly fish, vegetables, and fruits although he does allow himself to have a few treats every once in a while.

2. Clean Diet

The 47-year-old Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has always been known as a health-conscious person. In fact, she even wrote four cookbooks that featured her many favorite healthy dishes. She swears that her optimal health is mainly due to the so-called “Clean Diet” which is really not about eating this or that food. It is actually about not eating.

Twice or thrice a year, she goes on a detoxification routine that aims to get all toxic debris out of her system, especially from her stomach and colon. Mostly, she will just eat soup or drink vegetable smoothies and fresh-pressed fruit while refraining from any kind of solid food for three entire weeks or 21 days to be exact.

Later on, she also wrote a book entitled Clarity Cleanse which dealt with steps to regain health, spiritual consciousness, and emotional healing. Aside from being mindful about maintaining her physical health, she also promotes meditation as a form of relaxation and stress management.

3. 22 Days Vegan

Music power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce both adopted a temporary vegan diet for 22 days and proved that it works. While they do not claim to have become vegan, they did follow the routine of eating mostly plant-based food and reap amazing results. Jay-Z himself told media that he had lost more than 30 pounds since he followed the eating plan together with his superstar wife.

They said that they have lost unwanted fat, felt lighter, less stressed, and had a good sense of mental clarity. Today, they continue promoting the consumption of mostly plant-based food and avoidance of artificial ingredients as well as highly processed food products.


4. Atkins

Reality t.v. star and endorser Kim Kardashian follows the Atkins Diet, an eating routine developed by Robert Atkins which prescribes staying away from carbohydrates as a way to lose weight. In this diet, one can eat meat and fish, eggs, shellfish, dairy, and vegetables. In this diet, they do not pay too much attention to counting calories but instead focuses on eating what they believe to be what is good for the body.

5. The 5 Factor Diet

One of the lesser-known diets followed by many celebrities including Megan Fox is called 5 Factor Diet. In this plan, eating is spread out to five meals each day. Each meal must include healthy fats and carbs, protein, fiber, and a sugar-free drink although plain water is the best option. In this diet, moderate exercise is included so that weight loss is achieved while improving the strength and endurance of the person following the plan.

On Fad Diets and Unique Individual Needs

It is true that there is still an open debate on which diet really works and which ones do not. Some have been called fad diets that only became popular because of celebrity endorsers but lack a scientific basis or proof of effectiveness. Some diets have been studied carefully by scientists, doctors, and dietitians and are considered to be plans that produce generally good results.

Perhaps what is best is to consider the uniqueness of each individual, most especially their genetic profile and health conditions. There can be no one-diet-fits-all solution since people are different in terms of food preferences, metabolic rates, and how their body reacts to different types of food. One thing is sure: people who want to go on a diet need to consult their physician and a registered dietitian who can provide sound scientific advice.

Surely, people will agree that everybody loves good food and would appreciate having a few days or even the entire holiday season to enjoy to their heart’s delight. But after the season’s revelry is done, it would still be best to go back to the path of health and follow a sensible eating plan that leads to a longer life and vitality. Eating healthy can be fun and satisfying, too, if we just realize all the benefits that it brings.

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