What Are the Most Commonly Performed Oral Surgeries?

dentist performing oral surgery

The mere mention of oral surgery may cause people to panic. They often assume the worse when they are advised to undergo this procedure. The worst part is, many of them think that this is a dangerous and painful operation. In truth, it is far from any of those assumptions. In fact, this procedure addresses common conditions that might even surprise you. You’re probably wondering what those are right now. To give you an idea, listed below are the conditions that require oral surgery:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom tooth is a common dental problem. It is a condition wherein a tooth is stuck under the gum or didn’t fully grow. Having this can be painful. For most times, it can cause swelling and even affect the jaw’s alignment. Usually, a Utah dentist can handle wisdom tooth removal. However, for impacted wisdom tooth, only an oral surgeon has the ability to treat and fix it. This is the time you’ll have to undergo oral surgery. Otherwise, you’ll have to live and suffer from this condition for the rest of your life.

Sleep Apnea

This is a serious sleeping disorder that is characterized by abnormal breathing patterns. This may affect the usual heart rhythms, which may increase the risk of cardiac arrest. Luckily, there are a variety of treatment options for this condition. Oral surgery is among them. This removes excess tissue that is blocking the patient’s airways. Doing this can improve symptoms and help normalize their breathing.

Misaligned Jaw

Another condition oral surgery can treat is jaw alignment and reconstruction. There are cases where Invisalign and dental braces will not work. At this point, the only option you have is to go for this procedure. As compared to other treatment methods, this is proven to be the most effective. Most patients who undergo this treatment are those who experience serious trauma on their jaw or faces. It’s also an effective solution to fix their bite as well as relieve the pain in the said region.

Tooth Loss

dentist showing dental xray to patientIt may come as a surprise, but dental implants fall under this category as well. Compared to dentures and dental bridges, implants are more permanent. You don’t have to adjust or change them constantly. There’s no fear of misplacing them or straining your gums or teeth. You could say that dental implants look and feel natural. If you’re not comfortable doing this procedure, you may always go for non-surgical methods. The choice will be always on you.

These are some of the most common conditions oral surgery could treat. Hearing the word “surgery” may often intimidate you, but it’s not something you should be afraid of. Rather than making assumptions, it’s best to consult a professional. There’s no better way to get all the info you need than talking to them. This is why it’s advisable that you direct your concern to someone in the practice. Doing this can set aside your worries and give you a clearer idea as to what this procedure involves.

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