Dental Essentials: When Should You Consider Dental Implants

dental implant

Our dental health is vital to many of us. For most people, it’s the source of their self-esteem. However, it can be pretty hard to maintain our teeth all the time, and some accidents may result in a few being lost permanently.

When we lose a tooth, we start to think about whether it’s essential to have a dental implant. This article will explore various situations when a dental implant is necessary and when it’s not. But first, let’s talk about the multiple reasons why you might lose some of your teeth permanently so you can avoid the expensive choice of having a dental implant in the first place.

Tooth Decay

Most Americans have experienced a cavity in their lives. Central cavities can lead to tooth decay, and tooth decay can lead you to lose some of your teeth permanently. The solution to tooth decay? Good oral hygiene.

Good oral hygiene starts with you brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing before you sleep. If you can retain this routine for many years, you should be able to fight off tooth decay and keep most of your teeth.


If you’re a senior, then there is a huge chance you might have lost a couple of your teeth already. It’s relatively common for this to happen because of Periodontal disease, which usually happens to many older adults. This disease is the cause of receding gums and wobbly teeth once you get older.

Avoiding periodontal disease is all about drinking lots of water and chewing sugar-free gums. The increased production of saliva in your mouth should bring in more good bacteria, which can improve your overall dental health. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, too! It’s an essential part of preventing periodontal disease.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the main reasons people lose their teeth. The dentist’s office shouldn’t be all that scary, especially if you consider the idea that they’re supposed to help you out. However, for 36% of the American population, a visit to the dentist is a nightmare.

Learn to deal with your dental anxiety by visiting a professional and doing some breathing exercises. Rationalize your visit in your head because if you don’t, you’re going to spend a lot more money because you’re going to lose a lot more teeth in your lifetime.

Now that we’ve explored the main reasons why people lose their teeth and what you can do to prevent it let’s now look into when you should get a dental implant.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Dental implants might seem to be an aesthetic choice for most, but it isn’t. Dental implants are known to protect exposed gums and prevent further infection in the mouth.

Exposed gums are your worse nightmare if you have experienced gum disease before. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are both known to cause excruciating pain to those who have it. It can also lead to soft gums and blisters. The worse part of it all is that it can also affect other teeth within that region, which means more loose teeth that need to be removed.

Getting a dental implant can reduce the chance of gum disease. Furthermore, it can continue to keep your other teeth straight.

Self-esteem Issues

If the teeth you’ve lost are in the front section of your mouth, then you might be thinking a lot about how you might look in public.

Losing teeth is more than just about your dental health. It also affects your mental health. Many Americans take pride in their teeth, and losing a couple can certainly decrease their self-esteem. This can lead to anxiety and depression, both of which are already problematic to the individual.

If you think you’ll be having some self-esteem issues because of the tooth or teeth you’ve lost, then consider getting one or two dental implants to make yourself feel better.


Seniority plays a big role in getting dental implants. For seniors, their dental implants are more critical because they rely on them for their physical health. Chewing can be very hard if you don’t have many teeth left.

If you have a senior living in your home, you should urge them to get some dental implants to increase their overall dental health. Simple dentures should suffice if they didn’t afford the more expensive dental implants out there. It will at least make their life much easier.

Dental implants are a choice, and you shouldn’t be pushed into making such an expensive decision. However, if you’re experiencing some pain in your gums, self-esteem issues, or if you’ve reached the age of seniority, then you should consider the operation as a necessity. Plan out the right course of action with your dental professional and evaluate your options when it comes to dental implants.

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