Thinking about a Smile Makeover?


Many dental practices are moving beyond the constraints of tending only to teeth and gums and are encompassing the needs of their patients in alternative ways as well. A dentist understands that a smile goes beyond the lips and if a patient of theirs is looking to transform their smile into something they are excited to share with others, then they will provide what they can to help them to achieve this goal.

By doing this, they need to employ their skills creatively, a natural gift that many dental professionals have. By combining their eye for beauty with a delicate hand, they can create an image that is both unique to their patient and natural looking.

With so much specific training and experience in and around the mouth and facial region, who better than an oral healthcare professional is there to provide facial aesthetics that complement and perfect an individual’s smile.

By understanding the tools and materials that are used to plump, soften, smooth and tighten certain areas of the lips, face and neck, patients can begin to understand what treatment would best serve them to help them to create the look that they are wishing to have.

Many of the products have been used for decades in other dental treatments, such as the use of botox for sleep apnoea as a way to relax muscles in the throat. Armed with this knowledge, both the oral healthcare professionals and their patients can confidently move forward into new and exciting ways of enabling a complete smile makeover.

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Non-invasive treatments

Many people may be afraid of needles and are hesitant to begin the cosmetic surgery journey at too early an age. This is completely understandable and by being able to offer patients a vast range of different treatments, there is bound to be a solution that meets both the individual’s need for results and their desire for an easy solution.

Dermal fillers are injected just below the skin and used to plump up the flesh either in the lips or in the face, usually in the cheeks, to achieve a more youthful appearance.

They last between 6 to 12 months, usually less time in the lips than in other areas as the lips are moved around more frequently, thus pushing out the filler over time. Follow up treatments are easy to obtain and there are no lasting side effects.

Anti-ageing treatments are designed to reduce the lines on the face, primarily on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and around the mouth. A small amount of the botulism toxin is injected into the area and blocks the nerve impulses to a few precisely determined muscles.

This relaxes these muscles and allows the skin to smooth out. The effects are seen over the course of the next few days and last for around 3 months. Again, patients are able to come in for a repeat of the treatment whenever they feel is best.

By discussing potential results with a professional, they are able to determine whether this treatment will provide them with the outcome they are looking for, so that they are pleased with the final result.

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