Could you benefit from the transformative power of veneers in Liverpool?


A whole new smile

Many of us regularly feel self conscious and embarrassed about how one or more aspects of our teeth look. This is a common concern for many, although for some – such as patients who have severely uneven, chipped or stained teeth – it can be the cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety. For those who feel this way, the answer is relatively simple. By seeking out veneers in Liverpool, patients are now able to completely reform and reshape their smiles. Veneer treatment offers a solution to a number of cosmetic problems they may have, and leaves them with a healthier, whiter, straighter and brighter smile which – if properly maintained and looked after – can last them for years to come.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin, shell-like layers of porcelain which are bonded around the patient’s existing teeth or tooth so that it covers them completely and effectively gives their outer tooth a completely new front. Whilst modern veneer treatment makes use of some of the most cutting-edge technology and techniques available today, porcelain veneers have actually been around since the late 1920s when a Hollywood dentist named Dr Charles Pincus created a cap which would fit over actors teeth to give them a cohesive and even look during filming.

Whilst a far cry from the porcelain veneers of today, it is still interesting to note that veneers have been in development for quite some time now. Modern veneers as we recognise them today can be found throughout the mouths of celebrities and TV personalities because of their effectiveness in creating a whole new smile which is brighter, straighter and more healthy-looking than natural teeth.

How do veneers work?


Contemporary veneers are permanently bonded to a patient’s teeth by initially removing a thin layer of the patient’s surface enamel. The dentist then takes an impression from the patient’s teeth and sends this away to a veneer specialist. This specialist technician then begins to create unique porcelain veneers for the patient which are made to perfectly fit their teeth in such a way that they will be straight, white and healthy looking.

After the veneer technician has crafted the required amount for the patient – be it a single veneer or multiple – the patient then returns to the practice for fitting. This initially involves the etching of the patients surface enamel, to allow for stronger, more permanent bonding. After their teeth have been slightly etched, a strong dental adhesive is then applied to the tooth or teeth which are to be fitted with a veneer, before placing the porcelain shell veneer over their teeth and thus effectively creating a new smile.

What happens after treatment?

After your veneers have been attached, and the dental adhesive has firmly bonded the veneer to the patient’s surface enamel, they are free to leave the practice and enjoy their brighter, healthier and more impactful looking smile. Over the preceding months, patients are typically required to make a few return visits to their dentist to gauge the development and success of their veneer treatment and learn how best to preserve their integrity. If a patient maintains their veneers then they can keep the patient’s teeth straight, bright and healthy looking for as long as ten year.

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