What are Dermal Fillers?

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Dermal fillers W1 are a popular facial aesthetic treatment that has become increasingly used by patients. This treatment can be used on the skin to allow it to become more aesthetically pleasing and smoother in appearance. This treatment is used to make the skin look more youthful and rejuvenated. Fillers often are made up of a sterile hyaluronic acid gel. This gel is made from non-animal sources so this treatment can be accessible for all patients. As the skin ages its natural hyaluronic acid is lost, and this is how lines, wrinkles and folds can begin to appear on the skin. Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their skin and this treatment could be the one to rectify this. This article will run through how this treatment works and why a patient should consider this treatment to treat the appearance of their skin. Patients will then be able to make a decision about whether this treatment could be for them.

How does this treatment work?

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There are many steps involved with the application of Dermal Fillers W1. These steps have been tried and tested to have the best effect on the skin of the patient. Patients will be taken through the process of their treatment beforehand to ensure that they fully understand the steps that are entailed. The first step requires treating the area with local anaesthetic as this can prevent any discomfort. Secondly, the dermal filler is injected, this process does not take a long time, a few minutes at most. The effect of the treatment is visible almost immediately allowing patients to see the effect quickly and efficiently. Depending on what part of the face has been treated, the effect of the treatment can last between 6 and 12 months. Some patients choose to follow up their treatments within these cycles to maintain the new and approved appearance of their skin. This allows the skin to always look at its best. Patients could also consider some of the other skin aesthetic treatments that are on offer at this practice.

Why should I consider this treatment?

Patients can take advantage of many of the benefits that are associated with this treatment, this includes a smoothed out skin surface that can offer the patient a more youthful appearance, this is only enhanced when they keep up to date with the practice and get more fillers as the old ones deteriorate. Patients can be assured that they will be taken care of when they come to this practice and treated in high regard. Patients should not worry about this procedure as it is tried and tested and the professional at hand will make every effort to ensure that they are put at ease. Patients can also benefit from the fact that the treatment follows a non-surgical and painless procedure so patients do not have to worry about downtime or recovery time that may be associated with other more invasive techniques. If a patient thinks that they could benefit from this treatment then they should consider getting in touch with the practice to organise their appointments going forward.

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