Dental SEO for finding quality new patients


Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO Is important for making sure that you have a successful website for your dental practice. There are three main types of dental SEO which work in combination to help Google recognise that you are a good dental practice with a fantastic dental website, so that you can be ranked highly on search results lists for dental searches in your area.

The three types of dental SEO are technical SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is important that you address all three types of dental SEO to make sure that your website is successful and you achieve one of the top positions in the search results list. Your aim is to be in the top 5 of all types of dental searches carried out by patients in your area. This includes whether they type ‘dentist near me’ into the search bar, if they are searching for a specific dental treatment or procedure, or if they are suffering from a particular dental issue. The majority of patients will only visit the top 5 websites on a search results list, with very few if any visiting the second page of the list. The higher your ranking, the greater chance there is of attracting quality patients to your website whom you can then convince to address their dental needs with you.


The importance of an optimised website

All three types of dental SEO are designed to improve the user experience of your website, but also to help Google search, crawl and index your web pages more succinctly. So that when a potential patient is searching for a particular treatment or looking for information with regard to a certain dental issue, Google will know that you have the answer to their query and can place your website higher up on the search results list. This means that dental SEO is designed to impress your patients, but to also impress Google at the same time. If Google is happy with your website then it will direct quality patients to you. Once these patients click on your website and begin exploring, the SEO techniques that you have in place will encourage them to to find out more about you, spend time on the website and hopefully leave their details or make a call to visit you in person without delay.

When Google recognises that visitors on your website are spending a good amount of time exploring your pages it will increase your position in the search results list so that more patients are directed to you. These patients are already interested in the treatments and procedures that you have to offer. So by making sure that you have implemented good on-page SEO techniques you can encourage these patients to learn more about the issue they are suffering from or the treatment that they are interested in, so that they will address their dental needs with you. Speak to a digital dental marketing team today and find out about implementing on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO, so that you have a fully optimised website designed to boost the success of your dental practice.

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