What is wearing an invisible aligner like? FAQs about aligners and daily life answered

putting on invisible braces

Wearing a brace or an aligner can be tricky for those who begin treatment and, while less common with modern dental options, any complications can cause some people to avoid wearing braces or aligners altogether. Knowledge is power and so, when you consider undertaking an orthodontic appliance, it is important to know the appliance inside and out to assess how it will impact your life, especially when it comes to removable options like the always popular invisible aligners.

So, are you curious to know what wearing Invisalign St John’s Wood is like? Here, some common queries about the daily aspects of it are answered.

Are rubber bands used with invisible aligners?

No, invisible aligners do not need rubber bands or any other tools to allow them to work.

They are custom-fitted to your teeth using a 3D intraoral scanner and computer technology. So, when they arrive at your dental surgery, you will be able to put them right in and begin treatment. No tightening or adjustments are required and you will only have to visit your dentist once every 6-8 weeks for check-ups on their progress. Just ensure that you wear them for 22 hours per day and that you remember to put them back in when needed.

Is it okay to eat while wearing invisible aligners?

It is generally advised against by dental teams since eating while wearing your aligners can cause them to become worn down or damaged. So, it is recommended that you take them out before meals and put them back in once you have finished. Also, to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy during this process, you will need to give them a quick brush before returning the aligners to your mouth.

invisible braces

Should certain foods be avoided when using invisible aligners?

No, you can eat any foods you like while using invisible aligners but, as mentioned earlier, you are not to eat while the aligner is in your mouth.

Will speech be affected when wearing invisible aligners?

Yes, it probably will be. Many patients who begin using an invisible aligner are surprised when it affects their speech. But this effect is usually temporary while your tongue adjusts to the aligner being in your mouth. If you have a lisp or another speech impediment, any kind of orthodontic treatment is likely to correct this so, once you have finished wearing the aligner, you may sound quite different than you did before.

Should a straw be used to drink when using invisible aligners?

There is a general unwritten rule with invisible aligners that when you are wearing them, you can only drink water. But if you need to drink a sugary beverage, then it is wise to use a straw if possible. This will prevent the drink from washing against the aligner and your teeth and potentially causing issues. If you are out and about, however, and you fancy a soda, another solution would be to take out the aligners before drinking and brush your teeth before returning them to your mouth.

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