Natural Ways to Get Whiter Teeth

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Americans spend billions of dollars on teeth whitening products, and it’s easy to understand why. According to the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists, almost half of Americans say that the first thing they remember when meeting someone is their smile. First impressions are incredibly important, which is why people go to great lengths to achieve the perfect white teeth.

Teeth are naturally a bit yellow, but certain foods and habits can make the situation worse. If you smoke cigarettes or consume a lot of coffee or tea, your teeth might look more yellow than usual. In some cases, it could even look stained or dirty.

If you want to get whiter teeth, you can always look for dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry. But many people have concerns over mainstream whitening methods.

1. Drink more water

Instead of consuming beverages that stain the teeth like coffee and wine, drink water instead. Drinking water helps prevent the natural yellowing of teeth.

If you’re going to drink water, make sure you’re getting it from the tap. You could also drink bottle water extracted from a municipal water source. Both of these water sources are fluoridated, which helps in fighting cavities and strengthening the enamel.

2. Take calcium supplements

Most people’s diets are usually full of calcium from the milk and dairy products that they consume. But if you practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you might suffer from a calcium deficiency in your diet. Calcium helps strengthen your bones, and without it, your teeth will be more prone to erosion. Take calcium supplements to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

3. Brush with baking soda

brushing teeth

Baking soda has been used as a milder alternative to common household cleaners. It also has natural whitening properties, which is why some brands of toothpaste add baking soda to their formula to improve stain removal.

One quick way to whiten your teeth is to brush baking soda on your teeth. Make sure that you’re using a variety formulated especially for teeth as many household brands are too abrasive for the enamel.

While you might not see results right away, you should notice results after a few weeks of regular brushing. Don’t forget to mix the baking soda with your toothpaste for better effect.

4. Wash with apple cider vinegar

One natural way to whiten your teeth is to use apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash. Many people turn to apple cider vinegar as a natural way to clean and disinfect. It has natural antibacterial properties that help kill bad-breath-causing bacteria and whiten your teeth.

Add two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for every cup of water and swish it in your mouth for three minutes. Use tap water for rinsing afterward.

These pointers will help you get naturally whiter teeth without the use of harmful chemicals. These methods work by removing the surface stains, so if you want a deeper clean or something that works faster, it’s best to visit a dentist to check your options.

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