Never too old to have straight teeth

woman with a beautiful smile

Many people believe that if they haven’t had their teeth straightened during their teenage years that they are far too old to have that smile they have always wanted.

Other misconceptions include that it is possible to straighten teeth by removing some, or that if a person loses a tooth by accident that their cramped teeth will naturally straighten out. Unfortunately, removing teeth to relieve a cramped mouth, although possible, is only done on rare occasions. The best bet for individuals to ensure that their teeth are correctly straightened is by using a device that has been specifically chosen by a dentist.

There are many different teeth straightening devices available on the market today and Invisalign in Kirton is a wonderful option for patients of all ages. There is no age too old to straighten teeth and it is a way to ensure an improvement in dental health for years to come.

How is this possible?

Teeth that are cramped or crossing over will experience a higher degree of present bacteria on the surface, most likely because it cannot be removed easily with brushing and flossing. Those hard to reach spaces where teeth cross over are generally ridden with plaque and tartar, which are the leading causes of cavities in teeth.

Often, there are cavities between teeth, as flossing cannot remove the debris as easily. Unfortunately, once a tooth is compromised, it will never be the same again. This is why it is so important for young teeth to be properly cared for and monitored, so that cavities do not develop early on and damage young teeth for a lifetime.

The benefits of straightening teeth

Regardless of age, having straightened teeth can boost an individual’s confidence in their smile as well as allow it to be stronger and healthier. Although it may take a little bit longer to correct adult teeth alignment than for younger individuals, it usually takes between a year or two to achieve a healthier and more attractive smile.

The process is now easier than ever before with a multitude of different devices on offer. From removable, invisible devices to invisible fixed ones to traditional and newly designed braces, patients are able to choose a device that they believe best fits in with their lifestyle choices and allows them to enjoy the journey they are on as well.


By using removable aligners, patients are able to continue to enjoy the food they love by taking them out when eating. A person only needs to remember to brush their teeth before placing the aligners back in, to reduce bad breath or the chance of dental decay.

Patients can also choose to go at the pace they want to, simply moving on to the next set of aligners a couple of weeks after wearing original ones. It can be slightly uncomfortable for those first few days when wearing a new aligner, as teeth are moved into their correct position, however this usually subsides and many people can forget they are even wearing any.

Don’t delay, come in and see a professional about transforming a smile into one that is beautiful, straight and healthy, today!

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