Permanent Makeup: Can it Really Replace Conventional Makeup?

permanent makeup

Permanent makeup — from eyebrow tattoos to permanent BB creams — changed the lives of many busy women and men. It allowed them more precious minutes of sleep, which they would’ve otherwise spent getting ready for work. Thanks to permanent makeup, the phrase “I woke up like this,” as in wearing full brows and red lips, has become believable.

Still, many people are wary of getting them done. And their concerns are well-founded. After all, permanent makeup is not much different from a tattoo. It stays with you for life, even if the colors and the art have lost their meaning. But with permanent makeup, specifically, the pigment will stay on your skin while makeup trends come and go.

What’s more, permanent makeup involves microblading, which some people may find risky. That said, is the procedure really more worth it than waking up a little earlier to get ready?

The Truth About Permanent Makeup

Despite its name, permanent makeup, in fact, doesn’t last for life. A more accurate term for it would be “semi-permanent makeup.” Microblading, the process that uses a tattooing technique to add pigment to your eyebrows, will fade over time. Microbladed eyebrows look their best for only around two years.

Still, for its average price, it’s not a bad deal. Having made-up brows every day for two years is a relief for women who can’t use an eyebrow pencil. The procedure is uncomfortable and a little painful, but definitely worth it if it means getting rid of the eyebrow pencil.

Besides microblading, there are other common permanent makeup procedures. One of them is lip blushing. As its name suggests, it replaces lipsticks. Lip blushing also uses a tattooing technique, so needles are involved. It’ll give you plumper and more pigmented lips, eliminating your need for a lipliner. In addition, the color looks more natural than what lipstick would’ve achieved.

Another popular procedure is scalp micropigmentation. Though it’s not considered makeup, some women and men actually apply eyeshadow to their hairline, creating the illusion of a thicker hairline. Hence, a finely done scalp micropigmentation procedure can eliminate the need for that. Not to mention produce more realistic-looking results.

Despite the perks of getting permanent makeup, though, it’s not for everyone. For one thing, it’s not cheap, at least in highly reputable studios. But it’s those studios that you should look at if you want to get it done. Choosing an unknown studio with uncharacteristically low prices could put your skin health at risk.

Who Can Get Permanent Makeup?

permanent makeup

Now that we’ve mentioned skin health, let’s discuss what makes a person a good candidate for permanent makeup.

Certain skin conditions, such as the following, can make someone unfit for the procedure:

  • Skin that easily hyper-pigments
  • Lips with high levels of melanocytes (dark pigmentation), as permanent lip color might not show up as vividly.
  • Skin with high risks for cold sores/herpes (an anti-bacterial prescription is needed if a client with such skin wants to get lip blushing)
  • Skin that frequently gets exposed to the sun or tanning bed lights (the UVA rays can change the pigment’s tones)

Other health conditions unrelated to the skin can also affect a person’s suitability for the procedure. These include mental health issues due to trauma. Altering one’s physical appearance to cope with trauma might harm their mental health even more. It would be best to receive counseling beforehand.

In addition, people taking prescription drugs or those with existing medical conditions might also be unfit candidates. They can only get the procedure with their primary care physician’s approval.

If these conditions don’t apply to you, it should be safe to get permanent makeup. Still, don’t do it rashly. Carefully consider if it will really make your life easier.

Is It Really Worth it?

Considering the guidelines for who can get permanent makeup, the procedure can feel intimidating. But if you can’t make time for getting ready in the morning, chances are you also don’t have time to clean your makeup brushes. You might even forget to throw away your expired makeup. If using dirty brushes and expired products is your only alternative to permanent makeup, the procedure is no doubt worth it.

Using dirty brushes for a prolonged period can put you at risk of staph infection. It’s a paralyzing disease that can affect your legs and arms. Expired makeup, on the other hand, can cause serious infections, especially around the eye area.

If you’re to choose between getting an infection or some cuts, go for the cuts. They heal quickly. If you’re prone to keloids, there are also treatments for that. Treating a keloid is definitely easier than treating a potentially permanent infection. On that note, getting permanent makeup is worth it, especially if you’re a good candidate for it.

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