What are dental implants?


Dental implants Navan are a form of cosmetic dentistry that patients are now more regularly opting for. Dental implants are a natural way of replacing lost, broken or damaged teeth and are considered one of more longer-lasting and better options for patients in comparison to their alternatives.

Dental implants are made up of titanium and are essentially screws that are inserted into the jawbone to replace the missing or damaged tooth. Often people feel self conscious and lack confidence once they have lost a tooth and it can be a very distressing time for them. Also it impacts on a patient’s ability to eat and talk properly and can cause sensitivity to the other remaining teeth. Replacing the missing tooth with an implant is the best option that a patient can choose as it will give them long lasting effects and return their confidence and smile to them.

How do dental implants work?

People lose their teeth for numerous reasons including poor oral hygiene and lack of care for their teeth. If you feel that you are one of these patients, book an appointment with your local dentist who will be able to provide you with a consultation and discuss the best treatment plan that is most suited to your needs and requirements.

Dental implants are titanium screws that get placed directly into the jawbone. The dental implant process is lengthy however it provides long lasting results. They enable patients to be able to have full use of their teeth again


What is the procedure?

At the first appointment the patient will have the titanium screw inserted into the jawbone. Firstly the patient will be given anaesthetic to numb the area and to ensure that the patient is comfortable and not in any pain. Then a small incision will be made in the gum to place the titanium screw into the jawbone. It will get drilled in and fixed into position. The healing process takes about 8-12 weeks and therefore there will be a bit of a gap between the first and second appointment. But the reason for this is to enable the jawbone to recover from the procedure and to enable the titanium screw to fuse with the jawbone and essentially become a natural part of the mouth.

At the second appointment the dentist will check that the titanium screw has properly fused with the gum and will then start the second part of the procedure. A post will then be attached to the titanium screw and this will support the crown that will get attached to the screw and replace the natural lost or broken tooth. The crown will either be made of metal or porcelain and the dentist will ensure that it is as close in shade, shape and size to the rest of the teeth in order to give a seamless and natural finish.


It is important that patients listen and adhere to the advice given by their dentist about how to take care of their implant as this will ensure it’s longevity and durability and also ensure that the implant is kept clean.

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