Qualify for Disability Benefits at the First Try

Social Security Administration Office Building

Many people register dismal results when applying for social security benefits. Most of them are caught unawares by the grueling vetting process involved, and this contributes to the documented lower success levels.

Hiring a social security disability lawyer in Utah increases your chances of success as a first-time applicant. Only 20 percent of new applicants are successful when going about the process on their own. These odds shoot up to 50 percent when you hire an expert to help you figure it out.

Naturally, there’s a horde of people trying scam the government for a quick payday. They are keen to secure a regular paycheck without lifting a finger for the rest of their lives. To this end, people get up to all manner of mischief, and the government has to filter them all out.

Cover all your bases

When applying for disability benefits, you need to provide irrefutable evidence backing your condition. That means you need to provide proof from a credible medical doctor backing up your claims. You need your documentation to explain your case.

For starters, you need to have seen a qualified medical doctor in the last year before making your application. You also need to inform the doctor of your intention to apply for disability. The process requires a qualified medic to examine you and explain how the condition affects your life.

Of particular importance, the doctor needs to show how you can’t engage in a gainful activity on account of your condition. Additionally, you need to obtain copies of the medical documentation as they help to support your case. You also need to provide all other relevant documentation to grow your chances of success.

Attend the medical exam

medical exam

People are quite resourceful in their quest for a lifetime of free paydays from the government. As a result, the government will vet and double check every application to ensure that only genuine cases get through. Your request gets sent to a local Disability Services Determination office as part of the vetting process.

Here, a medical doctor and disability examiner will pore over your application and evaluate it against SSA benchmarks. In particular, they need to understand how your disability impedes your ability to make a living. It’s in your best interest to help them make this connection.

In the case there’s a discrepancy, you will be summoned for a consultative medical exam. Failing to attend the exam for whatever reason gets your application rejected. The length of the examination depends on the issue in contention. Of course, you can avoid all this by furnishing your application with updated medical documentation.

It is essential that you get your application for social disability benefits right the first time around. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of applicants manage to do so. Instead of taking chances with your condition, you can retain the help of an expert. Doing so increases your chances of success by up to 50 percent. The sooner you can breeze through the grueling screening procedure, the sooner you can enjoy your benefits and improve your life.

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