Weight a Minute: Managing Your Pandemic Weight

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Losing weight as well as gaining weight may be equally difficult for some of us. For others, it may simply be a matter of discipline, but for some, it may be a matter of body type and health condition.

During this pandemic, many of us have resorted to building a home gym to take advantage of the extra time in our hands to get fit. Others may have also been afraid of contracting the virus that they have decided to get back into good shape to ward off the illness.

If you have been having difficulty with weight management for a long time, have yourself checked for hypothyroidism. It may be the reason why you have difficulty losing the excess pounds. The inability to lose weight is one of the many hypothyroidism symptoms.

For those who don’t have any other health complications, what can you do to maintain a healthy weight during this pandemic?

Weight Management Tips

While having multiple hobbies is what most people have been up to nowadays, having physically active interests should also be on your list. This will allow you to control your weight despite staying at home most of the time due to the quarantine restrictions. What are helpful weight management tips that you can try at home?

Although you need to lose the “quarantine 15” you have put on over the previous months, you have to allow yourself to take it slow. Going all-out with your diet and exercise might cause you to revert to old unhealthy habits because you will be feeling deprived and overworked. Try to take it slow and gradually build up the pace and adjust your diet gradually. This will be a more sustainable way of keeping yourself in check.

Since staying at home means you have access to the fridge and the kitchen daily, make sure to eat on a specific schedule only. This will help you control what you eat and when you eat. Be more mindful of how you nourish your body. Stock up on nutrient-dense food instead of junk food and other unhealthy snacks. It is better to eat more fruits and vegetables rather than oily and processed food.

Consider trying out intermittent fasting or going vegan. These diets may help you jumpstart your weight loss journey by making you feel lighter and aiding in your fitness goals. Going vegan may also benefit your immune system, which is essential during this health crisis.

Don’t drink your calories. Skip the alcohol and opt for water instead. Drinking alcohol adds up to your daily calorie intake without you noticing it, so make sure you limit your drinks to only a few.

Of course, you also have to keep moving. Staying at home does not mean you have to keep a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you always include a few minutes to an hour of workout every day to keep your blood flowing and to help you shed off those extra pounds.

What are fun ways you can exercise at home with the family?

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Fun Home Exercises

Working out may not be the most fun and exciting activity you can think of, especially if you already feel tired and drained from work, but exercising is an effective way of keeping those extra pounds off your body. Get the family in on the activity to make it fun and engaging! These are a few exercises you can try to do with your loved ones.

For those who have many chores to do around the house, you can make household chores into a fun activity that can be turned into a workout! Besides keeping your family active and healthy, this will also teach the kids to be disciplined and responsible about doing household chores.

If you like watching TV or even videos online that contain ads, you can take these short breaks and turn them into workout opportunities. Make it into a game to make it more fun and exciting. You can even make up new names for each exercise to personalize your workout experience.

Gardening is also a good workout for you and your family. Apart from being a physically active hobby, it can also be a mentally stimulating activity for young kids who like to learn how plants grow. Exposure to sunlight will also help boost your mood as it aids in releasing happy hormones. Gardening is great for keeping your mental health in check!

These are a few weight management tips that you can do with your loved ones to make workout sessions more fun. Start looking forward to exercising every day by making each session engaging and refreshing. Physical exercise will not just keep the pounds away, but it will also help your body ward off diseases.

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