Why go Incognito in Weybridge?


There has been a big increase in the number of adults seeking to have their teeth straightened in recent years. In the past, people who were not able to have misaligned teeth corrected as young people or teenagers simply had to put up with having a smile that was not quite as good as it could be.  However, there is now a great choice of orthodontic options available for those who wish to improve their appearance as adults or older people.

Incognito in Weybridge braces are a popular choice because they are not obvious to others.  This is because, although they are composed of metal, they are situated behind the teeth.  They are also known as lingual braces, because of their position in the mouth facing the tongue.  Though they are concealed, these braces are similar to the more traditional ones that are placed across the front of the teeth.

Lingual braces are fixed to the teeth using a special kind of adhesive.  Over a period of time (which varies between patients), the braces help to gently move the teeth into an optimum position.

How does the patient get started?

The first step to getting this kind of teeth straightening treatment is a consultation.  The dentist or orthodontist examines the patient and takes a scan of the teeth and mouth in order to ascertain their position.  They then recommend the best course of action, which may be incognito braces.  This treatment is great for those who are looking for good results without having to worry about the whole world knowing they are wearing braces.

The patient will have the position of their teeth recorded using a mould.  This allows the professional to ensure that the braces are customised to fit the individual teeth as closely as possible.

How effective are these braces?

Lingual braces are considered to be extremely effective, as they can be more tailored than braces attached to the front of the teeth.  They can be matched to fit each individual tooth and thus are an especially good choice for the patient with teeth that are extremely misaligned.  They can even be used to alter the heights of teeth and to close gaps in between with results that have a dramatic impact on a person’s smile.

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Do they hurt?

Like all forms of teeth straightening, the patient should expect some discomfort.  However, incognito braces are often easier to wear than some alternatives.  According to WebMD, lingual braces have been found to offer the least discomfort compared to two other forms of treatment for correcting misaligned teeth.

Keeping clean

The patient treated with incognito braces often finds it easier to keep their teeth clean than those who have the more traditional kinds.  Braces that are fixed to the front of the teeth can cause decalcification, which presents as white spots on the teeth.  Lingual braces have a much lower rate of decalcification, which means that the enamel is better protected during treatment and the teeth have a better appearance once the braces are removed.

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