Your Local Family Doctor: A Trusted Partner Towards Building a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

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With its family-oriented community, a thriving economy, outdoor activities, winter sports, and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no wonder that many surveys rank Salt Lake City among the best places to raise an active family. And for those looking to bring up their kids in this beautiful city, the importance of establishing a good relationship with a local family doctor or gynecologist can’t be overstated.

Utah is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Even in the big city, your family will enjoy easy access to nature trails and national parks, and communities of enthusiasts for hiking or biking, skiing and snowboarding, camping and rock climbing. With the presence of nature so immediately engaging, it’s probably the best way to ensure that both kids and adults spend less time glued to their screens.

Being more active warrants quality advice

With a more active lifestyle comes increased health benefits – and the greater importance of medical consultation. This might seem like a contradiction, but it’s the quality, not quantity, that matters. Top athletes in any sport consult with their doctors even if they’re in perfect health – to make sure that their planned activities and training are optimal and sound. Your family can always use personalized guidelines on reasonable physical exertion and appropriate nutrition, for example.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Research findings demonstrate that having a family doctor corresponds to improved overall health, reduced mortality, and lesser medical expenses. When you give it some thought, it’s easy to see why – the practice of family medicine involves more than what we might normally think of when we imagine doctors at work.

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Build a personal doctor-patient relationship

Most people visit the doctor only when something’s wrong. Often the physician doesn’t know them personally and receives their first insights into the patient’s background from a quickly filled out history. Thus, even the best doctors are working with the handicap of not knowing everything about their patient and having to address symptoms of an urgent nature.

In family medicine, the doctor knows not just their patients, but also their family, lifestyle, and environment. This knowledge is built up over time, with regular consultation, establishing a relationship of trust. The doctor sees the big picture, not just the individual but the network of factors that play a part in that person’s health. Some patients, for instance, women and children, may only be comfortable discussing certain aspects of their health with a gynecologist or family doctor with whom they have a trusting relationship. Important questions can be asked, and plans for a healthy life can be laid out before anything goes wrong.

Local doctors have the relevant knowledge

It’s said the best advice in anything comes from those with practical experience in local conditions. This doesn’t mean that your family doctor should also be an avid mountain biker, or snowboarding enthusiast if those are your own favorite recreational sports. Rather, in a community that’s known for its outdoor activities and lifestyle, a local physician is at the medical hub of people who share the same interests. They are likely to count a number of long-time enthusiasts among their patients, and therefore be intimately familiar with the demands and possible risk factors in such a lifestyle.

Reshaping our lives to be more active and engaging isn’t just a trend. There’s a real need nowadays, more than ever, for both children and adults to play and experience the outdoors. Your family doctor is a partner and guides towards realizing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle amid the splendor of the Beehive State.

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