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Social media for dentists is an important part of your marketing strategy. Nearly all dental practices have social media accounts as this is a great way of interacting with patients on an informal basis and encouraging them to think about their dental issues and how they can improve the health of their teeth, make their smiles more attractive and look after their teeth more effectively. More and more of your potential patients are searching online for information and answers to their dental health queries rather than calling the dentist in person to talk about their issues. It is important that when patients search for you online, they find as much information as possible through your website and social media account so that they do not suffer in silence and that they know you have the answers they are looking for.

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Whether you have an Instagram account, a Facebook account or a Tiktok account, it is important that you maintain your page continuously. We understand that dentists are busy looking after their patients, but this is an excellent time to create and record content for your social media page. If you ask each of your patients for permission to share their images or even videos of them undergoing treatment, then each patient will provide you with the opportunity of creating many posts for your account. It is important to make a presence on your audience’s feed at least once a day so that they remember your name and think about their teeth at the same time. You can use one appointment to create a before-and-after post, a video of how a specific treatment is carried out or a patient testimonial whether written or a short video. You can also include many other posts such as the advantages of undergoing such treatments as well as relevant information on how to look after teeth during or before such treatments. This is known as social proof, and it is an excellent form of social media for dentists.

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Frequently asked questions for social media

Another great idea for social media posts is frequently asked questions. You can create written content or a video question-and-answer session that you can share on your page to help inform and educate your audience, answer their questions and encourage them to visit you in person and address their dental needs. Different members of your team could create their own posts each day, and this will help maintain an interesting and engaging social media profile. If you can maintain successful social media for dentists, it will help you build a good relationship with prospective patients as well as maintain good relations with your existing patients. If you are stuck for ideas on how to maintain your social media pages, then speak to your digital dental marketing team today and find out more about social media for dentists. Be inspired on how to create new content from day-to-day activities and how it can help your dental practice stand out amongst your competition.

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