Why Team Goals Should Include Fitness

Strength in a team is not just important in the invisible ties that bring everyone together. You know you have a strong team when they reach their goals and even surpass expectations. They are not easily taken down by criticism, and they are open-minded when listening to each other’s suggestions. However, it’s not just this strength that is important in the company.

Physical strength, which can be developed through team fitness classes or Crossfit lessons in Seattle as a group, do more than just help each person hone their muscles.

The Weakest Link

Every group is composed of individuals with differing abilities and skill sets. It’s the compatibility of their skills that make the group a well-rounded team. Still, despite their skills complementing each other, it’s still hard to ignore if someone is underperforming. One member’s inability to complete tasks on time, which means delegating additional tasks to others, may cripple the team in the long run. Imagine this happening several times, especially close to deadlines, because the weakest link of the group is sick. Their physical health is important, but if it’s taking a toll on the team’s productivity, it’s hard to be sympathetic.

Removal Is Not the Answer

If the weakness of the group is notable, your first instinct is to remove it and replace it with someone better. However, this may only transfer the weakness to someone else in the group due to the stress and the redistributing of tasks to be more aligned with the skills of the new members. Even in medicine, the removal of a limb is the last resort. If it can be saved, that’s the first step. This may mean looking at what the weak member is going through and addressing their issues from the ground up. For members who have to deal with health issues that are taking a toll on their performance, the company may use an approach that benefits everyone without calling out a particular employee. This is where team training comes in.

The Face of Vulnerability

Team work concept

The strength of a team takes from the strength of all members put together. Before that strength becomes apparent; however, each one needs to be comfortable showing their weaknesses. Without acknowledging their individual weaknesses, the team cannot determine which person is better suited for the task another person can’t complete. It’s not easy to admit to being weak. This makes health-focused training in the group necessary so that they will know each one has their weaknesses.

Everyone tries, but no one looks good while working out. Everyone will sweat and do squats. They lift and breathe and feel pain. When a team goes through this together, they find it easier to open up and be honest with their limitations. That’s how a strong team is forged.

It’s impossible to make a team work if it’s not strong down to its foundations. If you know how to strengthen a team–any team–you can take advantage of everyone’s skills without making them feel like they’re not enough.

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