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How Do Stem Cells Make Us Live Longer

Age is an inevitable part of life, and at some point, we will eventually get old enough that we’ll need help from assisted living caretakers. Naturally, the aging process cannot be halted since our body’s

how to know dental problem

How to know if you have a dental problem

Establishing the severity of a dental problem can be difficult without the advice of a trained professional. Whether it’s an out-of-hours appointment a patient requires or emergency treatment, identifying the seriousness of a condition is

White teeth

Is it time to unlock your smile potential?

Are you sick of turning your back to the camera or ducking down when you have a photo taken at a wedding or other social event? If the answer is yes …. Then maybe it

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Effects of Teeth Grinding Among Kids

You might notice a strange noise like two surfaces rubbing on each other when you peek into your child’s bedroom. This is, in most cases, an indication of tooth grinding in your child. Bruxism, as

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Real Talk: Is Validation Demeaning for Dementia Patients?

As dementia progresses, most people slip into a different reality that doesn’t make rational sense. This manifests in various forms, like for instance, that time your aging mom convinced their doctor to go home with

Family on a hiking day

Hiking in Provo-Orem: What to Watch Out For

Provo-Orem residents are some of the fittest in the nation. Its rates of obesity and diabetes are considered one of the lowest in the U.S. Utah’s outdoor culture and love of hiking have a lot

Two senior citizens talking to a nurse in a hospital garden

Ensure that Your Loved One Gets Quality Healthcare

Taking good care of an elderly member of the family or one who needs rehabilitative services can be quite a challenge. To provide them with the required attention, you might have to forego things such

man getting a root canal treatment

Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is increasingly becoming a common procedure. Studies indicate that millions of people treat their teeth using this simple and straightforward treatment annually. Besides revealing pain, root canal treatment restores the health and

seniors sitting in a wheelchair and sofa smiling

Essential Equipment that All Seniors Need

One of the first things that older people notice is that their bodies become weaker. This means they face difficulties in how they move and perform other activities. That is why you will want to

Social Security Administration Office Building

Qualify for Disability Benefits at the First Try

Many people register dismal results when applying for social security benefits. Most of them are caught unawares by the grueling vetting process involved, and this contributes to the documented lower success levels. Hiring a social

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